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Letter To Our Clients RE: Coronavirus

Josh Conley \ March 17, 2020

The coronavirus is having an impact all over the world.  In order to ensure the safest conditions for our clients and our team, we have made the decision to suspend operation of our downtown Des Moines office for the time being.  

We will continue to address each and every one of our client’s needs remotely.  In doing so, we want to limit the disruption this transition will have.  

We encourage you to make contact with our team using the individual team member’s email or phone number.  Otherwise you can contact our main office number and we will take steps to put you in contact.

Once we can safely return to our office, we will.  As always, we appreciate that you have entrusted us with your IP protection.


As of Monday, March 16, 2020, the USPTO has closed all facilities to the public until further notice.  The Patent Office will continue operations without interruption.  

The Patent Office has taken steps to waive government fees for reviving patent applications that go abandoned as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.  If you the coronavirus has impacted your ability to respond to any outstanding communication from the USPTO, it is advised that you speak to your intellectual property as soon as possible.


Access to state and local courts have been restricted.  Many hearings and oral arguments have been suspended or continued.


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