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Trademark Office Scam Is Trying To Hijack Trademarks

Josh Conley \ October 23, 2018

The USPTO sent a warning late last week that there are attempts to hijack trademark applications and registrations.  The overall purpose is to allow the effected trademarks to be registered to third-parties on brand registries. This latest scam is different from the misleading solicitations addressed here.

The good news with this scheme is that the applicant or their attorney is notified if such an attempt is made automatically and in most cases, immediately. 

If you receive a notification you will want to review it closely to make sure that the change being made is legitimate. 

If you think that the action on your trademark application or registration is incorrect, you will need to notify the Trademark Office.  When you do, make sure to include:

  • Your name and direct phone number
  • The related serial number or registration number of the trademark at issue
  • The date and time that the notification was received
  • A brief explanation of what your relationship is with the applicant or registrant—e.g., attorney of record
  • Any other relevant information

If you are a glass half full type of person, this can be viewed as a reminder that protecting your intellectual property requires careful oversight.  For more information about this scam, visit the USPTO’s dedicated page here.


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