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Trademark Office Scam Is Trying To Hijack Trademarks

Josh Conley \ October 23, 2018

The USPTO sent a warning late last week that there are attempts to hijack trademark applications and registrations.  The overall purpose is to allow the effected trademarks to be registered to third-parties on brand registries. This latest scam is different from the..


Zarley Law \ October 15, 2018

Zarley Law Attorney La’Cee Conley has been awarded the LEAP Community Achievement Award provided by the Des Moines Downtown Chamber of Commerce. LEAP, or the Leadership, Education, and Advancement Pipeline provides the award to “recognize the accomplishments of an individual..

What Kind of Patent Search Do You Need?

Josh Conley \ August 14, 2018

Conducting intellectual property searches are crucial if you are an inventor, investor, entrepreneur, or a seasoned vet looking to have an idea protected. Here is a list of common searches that should be conducted as your business develops.

Canada to Accede to the Madrid Protocol

Josh Conley \ August 03, 2018

The Director General of the Trademarks Branch of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), Mesmin Pierre, indicated this week that Canada will accede to the Madrid Protocol in early 2019. The Madrid Protocol is an international treaty with 117 current members that..

Upfront Costs vs. IP Damage Control

Josh Conley \ August 01, 2018

Just like going to see the doctor regularly can limit the chances of illness, the same can be said if you consult with an attorney regularly about your business or intellectual property. 

House Bill Introduced to Roll Back AIA, Eliminate Alice

Josh Conley \ July 18, 2018

A bipartisan House bill entitled “Restoring America’s Leadership in Innovation Act of 2018” has been introduced to revert the U.S. patent system to “first-to-invent” rather than “first-to-file.” H.R. 6264 also seeks to rid many post-grant proceedings, including inter partes..

Is Bringing on In-House Counsel the Right Move?

Josh Conley \ June 28, 2018

Your business is growing and with it is an ever-expanding intellectual property portfolio that carries a significant cost. It is starting to look like the best option to manage the portfolio is hiring in-house counsel. There are a lot of misconceptions that go along with this..

The Patent Process: What you need to know

Tim Zarley \ June 26, 2018

There are many avenues an inventor can take to get an invention patented. Here is a general outline of the patent process so you are aware and prepared.

win for red bottoms: louboutin's signature sole color found trademark-worthy in eu

La'Cee A. Conley \ June 15, 2018

The red soled high heels of French designer Christian Louboutin have been gracing the red carpet since 1992 and recently saw further attention from Cardi B’s track “Bodak Yellow.”  A favorite of celebrities and Real Housewives alike, the CL brand has become known for its..

What is a trademark?

Tim Zarley \ May 29, 2018

A trademark is a word(s), a symbol, or a combination of both that identifies a source of a good or service. While some use the term servicemark to identify a mark related to a service, the terms “trademark” and “servicemark” may be used interchangeably.