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USPTO Ramping Up Artificial Intelligence Efforts

Josh Conley \ September 30, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides a unique set of advantages and challenges to the USPTO.  Over the past few months, the USPTO has taken steps to prepare for the rise in AI—internally and externally.  

Update: Ohio State Hits "The" Roadblock We Expected

Josh Conley \ September 26, 2019

The Ohio State University caused a stir last month by filing for trademark protection over the word “THE”.   As discussed in our previous post, Ohio State indicated that the mark was going to be used for clothing, including t-shirts and hats.  

California Moves Closer To Passing NCAA Pay Bill

Josh Conley \ September 24, 2019

Earlier this month, the California Senate unanimously approved a bill permitting college athletes to receive sponsorship and endorsement money—something the NCAA currently prohibits. 

Viacom Gets Slimed Over Double Dare Challenge

Josh Conley \ September 09, 2019

Back in early 2018, Charles Armstrong’s company Armstrong Interactive filed for registration of the trademark “Double Dare”.  His application indicated that he intends to use the mark for none other than “entertainment, namely, a continuing children’s show….”  

Utility Patent vs. Design Patent: Does It Matter?

Josh Conley \ August 23, 2019

Depending upon your invention, your situation, and your objective, the type of patent you choose to pursue can be an important decision. Each type of patent application has different strengths and weaknesses that can make a difference in maximizing the value of your..

Ohio State Goes Full Ohio State And Seeks Trademark On The Word "The"

Josh Conley \ August 21, 2019

In one of the most Ohio State moves ever, the University has applied for trademark protection on the word “THE”.  Ohio State filed for registration last week and indicates that the trademark will be used on clothing including T-shirts, baseball caps, and hats.

The Importance of Patent Examiner Interviews

Josh Conley \ August 02, 2019

What is a USPTO examiner interview?A USPTO examiner interview is a useful tool during patent prosecution to clarify positions, resolve issues and provide a better understanding of the patent application. When done correctly, it can expedite patent prosecution and reduce..

The Supreme Court's Action And Inaction On Intellectual Property Matters Is Telling

Josh Conley \ July 18, 2019

The Supreme Court followed up its decision that permitted disparaging trademarks such as “Redskins” to be registered by upholding this week that “immoral or scandalous” trademarks also should be registerable.  

Luxury Brand Giant Adopting Blockchain Technology To Track And Verify Goods

Josh Conley \ July 15, 2019

Last month, blockchain service provider ConsenSys announced its partnership with LVHM and Microsoft to launch the AURA platform.  For those unfamiliar with LVHM, you are probably familiar with one or more of its luxury brands, which include Louis Vuitton and Parfums Christian..

Twitch Sues Hundreds of Streaming Account Holders After Coordinated Attack

Josh Conley \ June 21, 2019

Video-game streaming platform, Twitch Interactive Inc., filed suit this week in response to a flood of illegal and improper content that started at the end of May.  Using third-party sites, the users, which call themselves “Artifact Streams” coordinated their attack in..