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Zarley Lion

Is Confluence causing confusion? A local lawsuit raises questions on trademarks

Zarley Law \ April 23, 2018

Who owns the rights to the word confluence? Apparently, nobody.

USPTO Unveils New Patent Cover

Josh Conley \ March 21, 2018

The United States Trademark and Patent Office unveiled the new patent cover for issued patents on Sunday at SXSW in Austin, Texas.  The redesign is only the second change to the cover in the past century, and overall, the cover has only been altered less than a dozen times. 

The Use of Blockchain in Intellectual Property Management

Maddy LeDuc \ March 19, 2018

Blockchain technology is having a bit of a moment right now. With the ups and downs of the volatile Bitcoin market frequently making the news, people are more aware of cryptocurrency than ever before. However, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are just one application among..

Underlying Questions of Fact in Patent Eligibility

Maddy LeDuc \ March 16, 2018

In a pair of recent decisions the Federal Circuit has vacated two patent ineligibility determinations, signaling perhaps that the chokehold of Alice may be loosening. Surprisingly, the basis of these decisions comes not from the Alice test itself, but from the Federal Rules..

Grumpy Cat wins lawsuit, still grumpy

Maddy LeDuc \ February 14, 2018

 Even a $710,000 verdict isn’t enough to put a smile on this cat’s face. Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tarder Sauce, rose to internet stardom as a viral sensation in 2012 as a frowning feline. Following her ascension to meme status, Tabatha Bundesen, the owner of Grumpy Cat,..

Government Shutdown-Patent & Trademark Office

Josh Conley \ January 22, 2018

With a government shutdown in effect as of midnight on January 20th, you may be concerned about how that will impact your upcoming or pending applications, and your existing patents and trademark registrations.  For the time being, there is nothing to worry about.  The United..

Movie Releases and Image Integrity: Recent Horror Film Interferes with Businesses Nationwide

La'Cee A. Groetken \ November 27, 2017

The first trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s 1986 It was released on April 1. The trailer racked up more than 197 million shares and more than 246 million views on Youtube–a record of note. Once starring Tim Curry as Pennywise, a shapeshifting demon clown figure, the..

The Great State Divide—Cannabidiol Restrictions to Cannabis Trademarks

La'Cee A. Groetken \ November 22, 2017

While the use, possession, sale, cultivation and transportation of cannabis, a Schedule 1 substances, is illegal under federal law, the government has made clear that if a state passes a law to decriminalize cannabis for recreational or medical use, it can do so, as long as a..

Trademark-Related Solicitations and How to Avoid Them

Zarley Law \ August 10, 2017

Trademark applicants should be aware of an ongoing scam involving notices sent by private companies. These companies commonly have names that resemble official government agencies, and notices appear to be correspondence from the United States Patent and Trademark Office..

What is trademark squatting? The story of Beyonce's babies

Maddy LeDuc \ July 14, 2017

While Beyoncé didn’t officially announce the names of her twins until recently, the Beyhive has known for a while, thanks to a couple of trademark applications filed by the same trademark holding company she used to file Blue Ivy’s namesake mark back in 2012. The applications..